Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer & Holiday Essentials

I wanted to post about something that involved lots of colourful and cheerful photos today, seeing as the weather's been so awful here in the UK for the past week. I'm off to Morocco for a week tomorrow and it seems like a lot of you are off on holiday too so I thought I would share my summer and holiday essentials. 

Starting with sun cream, I like the Hawaiin Tropic range and this year i'm using the Sheer Touch Lotion which smells gorgeous and as well as protecting your skin is incredibly hydrating. I will also be taking the Garnier Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion on holiday with me. This smells equally as lovely and gives your skin an instant glow, enhancing your tan as it is enriched with Monoi Oil and pearl shimmer (apparently).

I love the Body Shop Cooling Foot Sprays, especial the peppermint one. This is great to spray onto aching feet after you have been sightseeing or walking around in the sun. As well as using sunscreen on my body I also apply Boots Soltan Lip Balm to my lips as it has an SPF of 30. 

After Sun is another essential because after applying loads of sunscreen I still always seem to get burnt, even if it's just slightly on the shoulders or nose.

I always like to paint my nails a lovely bright colour when I go on holiday. I love using Barry M Nail Paints because the shades are so vibrant and summery and they last a good few days without chipping.

I probably won't take any of these with me on holiday because i'd be afraid of them melting but the Revlon Lip Butters are great for sumer. Especially brighter shades like Tutti Frutti. 

One thing I will be taking is my Travelo, filled with a fruity fragrance. These atomisers are great because you can decant your favourite perfume into them and they are the perfect size for the plane. 

Victoria's Secret Good Day Sunshine Body Spray is such a good fragrance for summer, it's so fresh and floral. 

Avène Eau Thermale is a recent purchase and I thought it would be perfect for taking away. It will be so refreshing when travelling and is also good for things like sunburn. I may even do a review on it when I get back from holiday, after it's been put to the test.

I can't seem to go anywhere without taking an Antibacterial Hand Gel and Sweet Pea is one of my favourite scents from Bath & Bodyworks. These are great for travelling and using on the go, especially if you are travelling around a city. 

I bought this little lime green Topshop Handbag recently because it's the perfect size to carry around in summer. I hate lugging a huge bag around when it's hot and this little thing is perfect for fitting a few essentials in for sightseeing. 

These are the Rayban 2140 Polarised Wayfarers and my favourite pair of sunglasses. I'm sure none of you would go on holiday without taking a pair of sunnies with you, even if you were going skiing. 

The Tangle Teezer would be great for combing through hair after swimming in the sea or the pool. 

I got these Urbanears Platten Headphones from PC World a while ago because they were randomly reduced to £15 from £50! I haven't seen a pair as cheap since so i'm glad I snapped them up at the time. I always like to have a good pair of headphones to use on the plane. Although, I may end up taking  a smaller pair this time as these might be a bit of a nuisance to carry around and would be uncomfortable in the heat.

I love this H&M Gold Hairband. I always like to have some sort of hairband at the ready when i'm in a hot country to tie my hair up and out of the way. 

What do you usually take on holiday with you during the summer?

Disclosure: The views expressed are based on my own experience.


  1. lovely post! i agree with the Barry M nail varnishes, their summery shades are to die for.
    I'm going to have to try the victoria's secret body spray, it sounds smelly and wonderful.
    I've just started a blog and it would be great to hear some feedback and a follow back maybe? :-)


    1. It's going to be difficult choosing a colour to paint my nails!

  2. I love the Topshop bag! I have had it bookmarked for such a long time :) It is gorgeous! And great picks for summer xx

    1. I definitely recommend it, it's tiny but you can actually fit quite a lot into it!

  3. Morraco will be amazing! I hope you'll share a few snapshots! Love all your picks. That foot spray sounds ah-mazing! I might have to get it before I leave on my holiday in 2 weeks!
    Also, just and FIY, from my experience, the lip butters don't melt. Because they are sort of encased completely in the tube, they soften a little but don't melt. So lip butters are always my go-to lip product because of that!!
    Safe travels!
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

    1. Ah that's so good to know, thank you :) Maybe I will take them with me then!

  4. That bag is adorable, the perfect size for any holiday. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

  5. Nice selection of products! And I have an almost identical bag! :-D

  6. I love the nail colors! I've never tried Barry M.

    Your summer essentials look pretty much like mine, and it drives my boyfriend crazy ("so many little bottles! ahh!"). Love your headphones too!

  7. This is such a lovely post, so many great products! I love the body shop foot cream, I think I will have to try that spray too, looks perfect. Love your headphones! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  8. Love this post.
    Just to let you know I've tagged you in my latest post! Let me know when you post it :-)

    Alex xo

  9. i wish that garnier tanner was sold in canada. ive heard its great!

  10. I absolutely love every product you mentioned :)I can't live without the Avene spray in summer it's so refreshing xxx

  11. Love the pictures you've taken... it's so colourful!! :)

    Olivia xxx
    Missyi's World of Beauty...

  12. I love how bright and vivid your photos are. The bag is soo cute


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