Sunday, 17 August 2014

Orelia | Delicate Jewellery & Giveaway

The Orelia jewellerry stand always catches my eye when I'm in Topshop because their designs are so pretty and delicate. I think sometimes it's more fun to try out more subtle jewellery, so I wanted to share a couple of my favourite items.

Rose Gold Triple Triangle Necklace *

I love this necklace. The chain is quite short but this makes it look really pretty when you wear it with a top that has a lower neck. The three triangles are so simple and tiny and I think that this design would be great for layering with longer necklaces. I don't know whether it's because everyone has been going crazy for rose gold jewellery for the past year or so, but there really is something about the colour that makes it appeal more to me than gold or silver. You can buy this necklace in gold or silver or with just one triangle pendant, but my personal favourite is this design. 

V Swing Earrings *

I usually stick with studs because I'm never sure whether dangly/drop earrings suit me. But recently i've been trying to make them work. So when I saw these I thought they were perfect because they aren't too over the top. This simplicity means that you can pair them with a gold necklace or possibly even a bolder item of jewellery. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for some elegant but eye catching earrings. A quick tip is to keep those tiny bits of plastic that slide onto the backs of the earrings. I always throw them away but when I didn't use them with these earrings they did fall out of my ears a couple of times and I was terrified of losing them. 

If you'd like to order anything from their website then you can use the code 'Blog20' to get 20% off. They have a lovely range of gorgeous accessories from leather bags to embroidered scarves as well as jewellery. 

I'm going to be giving away this beautiful necklace below with semi precious beads on a (very) long chain. So please log into the rafflecopter below if you would like to be in with a chance of winning. The giveaway is open to UK residents only and will close on Saturday 30th, so get entering while you can!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Striped Shorts

Shorts- New Look

The sun has actually come out in the UK this summer and stayed out. I am happy about this...honestly! So please ignore the very serious look on my face.

I was delighted when I spotted these black and white shorts in New Look a few weeks ago. They are the perfect length and the horizontal stripes means that they are pretty flattering. I thought they were really unique, compared to every other bright floral pair of shorts in the shops at the moment. The best thing is that they are extremely affordable at £14.99! 

I hope you've been enjoying the lovely weather. Have you found a pair of perfect shorts? 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

USA Beauty Goodies | Part 1: Flower Power

When I visited the US in May my wonderful cousins very kindly gave me some make up bags filled with beauty goodies to try. They had all contributed a few of their favourite beauty products and I was so excited and overwhelmed by how thoughtful this was. If you're reading this're the best!

I have been using the American beauty goodies for three months now, so I thought it was time to write a series of posts and share my thoughts on them. Each one of my cousins included a hand written statement about the favourites they has chosen, explaining why they love them so much. This post includes some brilliant make up and thoughts from Christina.  

In today's post, I'm going to be talking about some make up from the beauty products line 'Flower' by Drew Barrymore. You'll be pleased to know that her products are not tested on animals! I was particularly excited to try things from this line because as far as I'm aware none of her products are available in the UK. 

My favourite is the lipstick. Firstly, just look at how beautiful that packaging is. My cousin Christina said- "Cherry Chiffon is a heavily pigmented red. It can be sheer and neutral if applied lightly and then you can build if you want more colour. It's my go to lip butter". Well let me tell you, this has become my own go to lip product. It's very well pigmented for a lip butter and has a slightly glossy finish. It claims to have a plumping effect and I think the texture helps to achieve this. (See a photo of the lip butter applied below). 

Next up, is a Lip and Cheek Chubby Stick. Christina said- "Raisin the Roof is a beautiful deep berry red. Be sure to use a light touch and build. It has a velvet texture when used on moisturised skin." She's right about not applying too much. This stuff comes out pretty dark so I haven't been using it on my cheeks. But it makes a nice lip tint. I just use my finger to apply a little bit at a time as the tip of the product is way too big to apply like a lip stick. This is probably my least favourite product out of the three. 

Again, look at the beautiful packaging! This is a Créme Blush from the range. When I first saw it I wasn't sure how I would use it because it's a brown shade. Christina said- "I know Rose-o-den-dron looks more like a bronzer than a blush, but it works great as both! It has a butter texture and a small amount gives me a nice natural glow". She was so right. The fact that this blush is so creamy and buttery means that applying a tiny bit to your cheeks using either your fingers or a brush gives your cheeks a lovely natural glow. I am really enjoying using this on a daily basis at the moment. 

Here, I have used the Créme Blush and the Lip Butter to create a minimal summer make up look. I'm visiting the US again in September and hope to pick up more products from this range because I've really enjoyed using the Lip Butter and Blush. I do like the lip and cheek stick but I think I'll use it more during the winter time because it's a darker shade.

Christina also gave me two 'Flower' nail polishes so expect a separate review on these soon!

Have you tried any of the products from Drew Barrymore's line? Which is your favourite?