Sunday, 27 April 2014

Juice & Roller Coasters

Coldpress kindly sent me two of their juices* and two smoothies* to take on my trip to Alton Towers (a Theme Park here in the UK) last week. It was my close friend Laura who originally introduced me to their drinks last year. She was on the trip so I was really pleased to be able to share the drinks with her. 

In their own words "Coldpress is the last word in 'indulgent nutrition', a fresh, new-fangled range of award-winning chilled juices brimming with extra gravitas and 'flavour conviction'." They use "high pressure processing (HPP)" which means that no heat is used when making the drinks. This process definitely seems to make the flavours more intense. For example, when you are drinking the different apple flavoured juice drinks it tastes like you are literally biting into an apple. Because of this, I am seriously a big fan of their juice drinks. I know that flavours like "Apple Raspberry" and "Tropical" are also available but I've always found these really difficult to track down in the shops. 

The smoothies are a more recent release from Coldpress and I believe that they are only available at Tesco. The Pineapple Coconut and Banana one was right up my street and is absolutely delicious. However, Laura told me that the Strawberry and Banana one isn't as good and after trying it I'd have to say that I agree with her. I think the reason we weren't as keen is because it's not a sweet as other smoothies that we have tried and the strawberry was quite bitter. 

The weather was lovely the first day that we were at Alton Towers so we enjoyed a picnic lunch whilst watching their newest roller coaster, The Smiler. I did go on it and it was the most intense roller coaster that I've ever been on- I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it! We all had to enjoy our Coldpress drinks afterwards as a way of calming our nerves! 

Some nosey geese even tried to get hold of our drinks!

Have you tried any Coldpress drinks? What's your favourite flavour?


  1. I haven't tries them yet, but they sound so tempting :)! I really want to get one day where I'd only do juicing, to give my system a little break :).


  2. I've never tried any Coldpress drinks before, but I love the sound of all of these.. especially Braeburn Apple! xx

    Gemma //

  3. I haven't tried them, though saw the bottles before.. Thank you for the review! x

  4. Lol the geese are so cute lol I haven't even seen these before but I'd love to try them xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  5. Haha I love the geese! I've not tried Coldpress either, I tend to be drawn straight to the Innocent when shopping, but I might give these a go instead next time. :)