Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Video: Meet Biggie the Cat

Mr. Bigs features frequently on this blog and when he does he seems to get more attention than the topic I'm writing about. I mean...just look at that little face! I thought it would be fun to film the crazy cat so that you guys could meet him. 

He's very greedy and is always looking for food...he even ate half a pumpkin pie that was left out on the side once. And only the other day he stole a whole block of cheese and tried to run away with it between his teeth when my friends and I had our backs turned!  Because of this we had to put him on a diet. So he's actually looking a lot slimmer these days, compared to the photo below which was taken last year. 

You can find the video here and be sure to subscribe if you want to!


  1. What a precious face :)! And again - great video :)! Keep up :)!


  2. Awww Mr Bigs is an absolute cutie!

  3. awww so so cute *_*

    Ila x