Friday, 26 April 2013

Decor Ideas: Colourful Towels and Storage Jars

It's surprisingly easy to change up a room in your house without completely redecorating and very true when it comes to bathrooms. 

1. Colourful Towels

I had been meaning to get some new towels for a while but never saw any that I thought were particularly nice...until I came across these in Marks and Spencer. As you can see, my bathroom walls are painted bright turquoise and this is why I went for bright towels. Although they are multi coloured they do have some turquoise on them which ties in nicely and the other colours can then also be incorporated into the room if I want them to be. 
This is a pretty inexpensive way of sprucing up your bathroom. One day i'd love to get some Cath Kidston towels but I guess those will have to wait until I get my own place and can justify the price tag!

Guest Towel- £5.00, Bath Towel- £16.00

2. Interesting Storage

A great way of keeping your bathroom essentials together is by putting them in storage jars. I really like how whatever is being stored is visible! They come in all different sizes and the tall ones would be great for stacking things like bath bombs. 

IKEA- £1 each 

3. Picture Frames

Picture frames are always a great way to add to a room. A bathroom is probably a bit of a strange place to have one but it's always nice to be reminded of one of my favourite places. 

What's in your bathroom? 
I'd love to hear if you have any other storage ideas! 

Disclosure: The views expressed are based on my own experience. 


  1. Great post - love the towel idea :) xx

    1. Thanks! I just read your post about films, really enjoyed it :) xx