Sunday, 19 January 2014

Decorating Without Redecorating

I have lived in a flat for just over four months and thought it was time for a bit of...redecorating. I guess you can't really call what I've done 'redecorating' because it doesn't involve any paint or wallpaper and the furniture is still the same. 

It all started when was given two lovely grey throws for Christmas. This gave me the idea to re-arrange and add to our bedroom using 'grey' as the main theme. I managed to make the room look completely different without spending much money at all, so thought I would share what I did with you.

I've added a grey tray which I picked up in France to the bedside table. The base is made of glass and is like a photo frame, allowing you to add your own personal touch. You can create this look yourself for even cheaper like I did here using a photo frame.
This bedside babushka carafe was such a random find! I popped into a local independent shop when I was home for Christmas and found her in the sale for £2. She was such a bargain because apparently her head didn't fit on properly, but it turns out she works fine! 

I've kept the bed simple, matching two of the pillows (you can just see them behind the white ones) with two scatter cushions from ASDA. The two grey throws both live at the end of the bed. 

This stag head was a Christmas gift from my parents to Ben. Isn't it great? I think it was from M&S and although it looks like wood it is actually made from really sturdy cardboard. 
I think a wall piece like this really adds something special to the room and luckily this one ties in nicely with the greyness. 

If you don't like the idea of a cardboard animal head you could always try a print or a canvas. I guess this is like having a 'feature' wall without covering the whole wall.

Each little area of the room has a cluster of candles and pictures. The first one is an adorable design of Durdle Door on a greetings card, which I put in a frame from IKEA. This is such an inexpensive way of displaying artwork, especially if you want to change it regularly. Below this is a framed cross stitch that my bestest friend Laura made for Ben and I.

I love fresh flowers, but they can be so expensive so a great way to save money is by displaying artificial or dried ones. My mum kindly donated some Hydrangeas from her garden, which I have dried out and placed in a jar from IKEA.

It just goes to show that you can make a room look completely different without touching the walls or furniture. I hope this post has been helpful!


  1. Just my type of decoration - light and spaceous. Loving the deer, it's awesome :)! And the little babushka <3. You have great taste, girl ;).


  2. I love the babushka carafe ♥ You did a great job decorating; it's so hard when you can't paint rented places how you like!

    Tara xox

  3. The stag head is so cool!

  4. I love what you've done with this, it looks great! xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  5. I love this, it's so simply and beautiful. just what I love, too!!
    Kallie @ But First Coffee

  6. Thats what i call a relaxing home, looks more like a spa

  7. You have some nice tastes :) I'm thinking about decorating without redecorating :) Thanks for the inspiration... I just wonder how I^m going to do it all!!