Sunday, 12 January 2014

Grey Finds

I absolutely love the shop Anthropologie. However, I only ever browse because I find everything there a bit too over priced...actually most of it is a lot over priced. Don't get me wrong, pretty much everything they sell is absolutely beautiful and very good quality, but I personally can't justify spending £70 on a top.

I was in central London yesterday and walked past the Anthropolgie on Regent Street on my way to the tube station. I couldn't help but notice the giant "SALE- Up to 70% off" sign in the window so decided to pop in there and take a look...feeling pretty unhopeful. I was pleased to see that their current sale takes up almost a whole floor of the shop and isn't full of the clothes that no one wants to buy- there are actually some really pretty reduced items.

I ended up leaving with two grey (everything I have bought recently is grey) very cosy looking items of clothing, which I am in love with. Both were originally £68 marked down to £20 which made me like them even more. There's nothing particularly special about each item (most of the clothes in the store are covered in beads and flowers) but I am extremely pleased with them and so happy that I decided to pop in and have a look.

Have you picked up any unexpected bargains in the January sales?


  1. They are both gorgeous! You could add in a colourful scarf to inject some colour into them!


  2. Ooh lovely finds and great reductions! I picked up a cute top in H&M that was only £7 - originally £15 so not a massive saving but still good in the evil month that is January. xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  3. Anthro is so expensive but I've found some great things in their sales before too. LOVE that top you picked up!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. These two are gorgeous, I especially dig the top <3. I haven't got anything on this year's sales, but maybe there's still something waiting just for me ;)...


  5. That stripy dress is lovely! I've only picked up a blazer at Zara...trying to refrain from going sales-crazy :)