Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cambridge Satchel

I finally took the plunge at the beginning of July and bought a Cambridge Satchel. I'd been looking at different bags and knew I didn't want to spend a tonne of money but wanted a leather bag that was good quality and would last after it had been used every day for a long period of time. I went for the 15" Cambridge Satchel...and I'm so glad that I did. 

After looking at all of the different colours I decided that I would go for a neutral colour so that It would be suitable all year round and would go with any outfit. I really like the cream coloured bag but realised that it would probably get dirty quite quickly. I read a lot of reviews before I bought one and people were saying that the coloured bags run and transfer which put me off even more. I'm so happy with the colour that I chose as it's very traditional and timeless, just like the style of the bag. My grandma and my boyfriends grandma have even commented on the bag, saying that they had similar satchels when they were my age. 

One thing that is very annoying about the bag is the way that it closes. The buckles can be quite fiddly and tedious, especially if you are trying to close it in a hurry. Although, I do leave the buckles undone a lot of the time as the top of the bag comes right over, meaning that nothing will fall out. But, it is unfortunately a very annoying feature of the bag. The strap also has a buckle feature meaning that you can adjust the length of it. I like this feature because it means you can adjust the bag depending on your height or how much you are carrying in the bag. 

These bags are so sturdy. To start with the material is pretty rigid and the bag is difficult to open, but with time the leather soon softens especially if you are using it on a daily basis. I also quite like the way that the leather wears away after time, however some people might not like this effect.

The trusty logo embossed onto the back of the bag.

This is what will fit into the 15" bag. However, my 13" laptop only just fits length ways and I'm not too sure why. It's funny because I was so worried that the 15" bag would be way too big but I carry so much stuff around that it's actually only just big enough! Some people may find this size too large and heavy when it's filled to the brim so I think if you are looking for a good sized everyday bag then the 14" Cambridge Satchel would be ideal for you. It would also be great as a school bag as you can fit all of your folders in it. 

The bag has one main compartment and then a smaller one at the front. I don't use the smaller compartment and if I do I will only use it for flat things like my Oyster card or receipts. I keep everything else in the main part of the bag. The good thing about the shape and size is that you will never have to rummage around for things. 

Overall I am so happy with this bag and it's made me want to get a coloured one in the smaller size. I originally chose this bag because I thought it would be perfect for commuting to work and so far, it's fulfilling it's purpose very well. Hopefully the leather will age well and I will be able to use this bag for years to come...maybe I'll do an update in a couple of years time to let you know how it's holding up. 

Do you have a Cambridge Satchel or are thinking of getting one? 

Disclosure: The views expressed are based on my own experience.


  1. I dont have one, but i saw them in awesome colors on asos!
    xx Stephanie (

  2. Your satchel is gorgeous! Great post I have followed your blog :)
    Shelley x

  3. This is a gorgeous bag! I've been looking for a new bag for a while and really want a real leather one :) xx

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

  4. I have this exact same bag and got it at Christmas, it's lasting so long and definitely worth the money, it doubles as my schoolbag and I am honestly still in love with it!

    Imogen <3

  5. I'm obsessed with satchels, i must admist the brit stitch ones look like a softer leather. I love that you went with a classic colour, i'm sure it will take so much wear and tear and will be an item you will always follower

  6. awww I love Cambridge Satchel :) I generally love Satchel leather bags..I was given an handmade leather one from my friends for my desertion few years ago and it still one of my most precious bags.

    Ila x

  7. Beautiful bag !!!


    Natassa xxx

  8. Great bag! I went with a similar style "cheapy" this year from an accessory store. I love it and the color is almost the same as this and your right. It goes with everything!

    Jenna ♥ ♥

  9. This looks great, I've been thinking of getting one for a while so might get one before I go back to university :)

    Rebecca x

  10. Lovely pooost :)

    I tagged you in my new post!

  11. Aaaah, I'm also checking these satchels now for more than a year, but I still haven't took the plunge to buy one. I love the simple, chic design of it and it's becoming a proper classical piece :). I'd also go for a neutral colour. Love it :)!


  12. ive been wanting a cambridge satchel for a number of years now but i still havent purchased one.

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  13. OMG this satchel is Amazing!! And where is your laptop case from??

    xo Valerie

    1. I got the case from TK Maxx, it was just a very lucky find! haha. I think they may have discontinued them but you might be able to find it on Amazon, it's a Roxy one!