Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Primark August 2013

I started my new job on Monday and I'm really enjoying it so far! However, it means that I'm going to have to make some sort of schedule for posts because otherwise I'll never end up posting anything as I'll feel like "I don't have time". I really don't want that to happen so i've decided to write on here every Wednesday and then one day of the weekend and see how it goes. 

So today's post it all about Primark. I picked up a few things this month over the space of about three trips to different stores and wanted to share the things I got with you because I got some great bargains.

Dress- I love the print on this dress and think it will be perfect for Autumn. They have a few different prints and it's only £8.00!

Sweatshirt- I got this in the sale for £5. My friend got the blue version a couple of months ago and I couldn't believe it was from Primark when she told me. It's so nice! So when I saw the cream one also in the sale I snapped it up.

Baseball T- I love the casual style of these t-shirts and love it because i've never seen one with patterned sleeves before. It was also only £4 which is just amazing.

Make Up Bag and Earrings- I'd been looking for a large make up bag to take lots of the make up with me to London and knew that Primark sold ones that would be the perfect size. I found this bag and love the cut out heart detailing. I also got these earrings because they should go with everything. The earrings also come in a variety of colours so definitely check them out if you can. 

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?

Disclosure: The views expressed are based on my own experience.


  1. That dress is to die for!

    Astrid. x

  2. Love all of the items, especially as they were all such bargains :) xx

  3. Great purchases, just seen that dress on another blog, love it!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  4. I am so jealous, everyone seems to get such good hauls from Primark, and I end up walking out with a pack of socks!! I am addicted to baseballs tshirts so I will try to have a look out for that one. The sleeves are gorgeous!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. I love all of this! I want it all in my closet NOW!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

  6. I really like the first dress!


  7. There autumn winter collection looks INSANE! xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  8. Love those earring. You have really great taste!

    Jenna ♥ ♥

  9. Glad to hear your job's going well. And oh, how I miss Primark! That sweater with the flowers on the shoulders is amazing.

    xo, alison*elle

  10. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the job thus far :)
    Great buys. x

  11. aww I love the first dress, so pretty :)
    I know what you mean..i had to impose myself a sort of schedule with my blog too..difficult to balance work, life and time for blogging and reviews..but all worth it :))

    Ila x


  12. cute patterned dress! and congrats with the new job - good luck on your future endeavours <3

    Check out my new outfit post on blog! :)

  13. That dress is gorgeous! I was eyeing up the rose print t shirt yesterday when I visited! xx

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

  14. The Baseball-T looks so lovely :) great haul!

    Ana xo www.anacelinelabod.blogspot.de

  15. Can't believe that jumper is Primark either! The detailing is to die for!!