Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fortnight in Photos #9

Souvenirs, cat highlighters from Paperchase, daily update of my cat from my dad, swing ball on a Sunday morning, new desk buddy, came home to my crazy cat this weekend. 

I've spent the last two weeks settling into my new job and looking for somewhere permanent to live. I finally feel like a real adult and spent half the time embracing this amazing opportunity but the other half has been spent feeling pretty stressed. I have come for a couple of days to spend the Bank Holiday weekend with Ben, my cat and some friends from home which has been really lovely. 

Instagram @hannahcelder 

What have you guys been up to recently?


  1. Hahah, I love the cats face :D. They're just the best. Wish you all the best finding a new place to live :)!


  2. Aww love your cat, so cute. Good luck with finding somwhere to live - I'm looking with some housemates at the moment so I know how stressful it can be!

    Amy // silvert0ne

  3. Congrats on becoming an adult haha!
    Love those cat highlighters. x

  4. Your cat is adorable !!

    P.S I've nominated you for the Liebster Award check out my post and join the tag! xxx

  5. I love your cat, it's the cutest!

  6. Your cat is the cutest ever! :)

    Sarah x

  7. Those cat highlighters are wicked!!

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85

  8. Omg i thought it was condoms in the first picture, hahaha!